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What Is An EEOC Standard Form 100?

EEO-1 Employer Information Report must be filled by employers who have more than 100 employees or have 50 employees and federal contract worth more than $50,000. This fillable form is usually completed in order to identify the members of the staff. The headquarters or parent company must collect all forms from the establishments. Identification data can be collected with the surveys. It’s relevant for all subordinated establishments. If the employees refuse to identify themselves, the employer is allowed to complete the data on their behalf by visual observation. The job classification (no matter full-time or part-time) includes such positions as managers (executive/senior level officials), professionals, sales workers, administrative support workers, operatives, laborers and helpers.

To fill out EEOC Standard Form 100 insert the needed info into the fillable boxes including:

  • Type of Report (Status Code).

  • Company Identification.

  • Employers Who Are Required To File.

  • Employment Data.

  • Establishment Information.

  • Remarks.

  • Certification.

The further requirements you can find in the instruction booklet. You can complete the sample online and sign it electronically by typing, drawing or uploading. Send a final Employer Information Report to the local agency.

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